OHB Hellas’ new project that focuses on SENSORS

OHB Hellas proudly presents you a new project that focuses on sensors. More specifically, a cyber-physical system, based on a network of sensors will be established for collecting various data from the physical world and transfer them into a central cyber system. These sensors will monitor many variables of interest during the satellite manufacturing and assembly line, like the temperature/humidity and pressure inside various halls and on specific components and GSE, and many others. At the same time, specific thresholds will be defined by the user, for having full control of all processes. At this moment, OHB Hellas is working on the state-of-art phase and in the next months a more detailed technical research is going to be occurred. But what is the ultimate goal of this project? SENSE would potentially lead to lower manufacturing costs, higher performances, higher reliability, and shorter time to market, actions that enhance the efficiency that OHB Hellas indicates as a company.