Our Values

  • Trust
    Reliability and trust between the employees are key values for ensuring a fruitful collaboration, inside the group. We highly promote a friendly working environment to ensure a creditworthy partnership.
  • Encouragement
    We encourage our employees to share their opinion, ideas and propositions, in order to improve the group in total.
  • Responsibility
    OHB Hellas is more than responsible towards its employees. We want you to feel free to express yourself inside the offices’ walls and we will always be by your side.
  • Collaboration
    A core value in the collaborative spirit between our employees. Team work always ensures the best results for the group in whole.
  • Versatility
    We adapt to circumstances and are flexible towards our employees.
  • Effective Communication
    The key to success behind every company is effective communication. We highly promote dialogue with our people and always listen to them.
  • Visionary People
    OHB Hellas itself is a visionary company, which sets high goals and achieves them constantly. With our employees' contribution, we elongate our vision and set the expectations’ bar even higher.
  • Spread of Aerospace Science
    Aerospace science fascinates us and we want to transmit our passion about it to everyone. This industry is promising, challenging, beautiful and charming and we try to make it more widespread to the public. As our slogan says, “We Create Space”!
  • Respect
    OHB Hellas is a company that focuses on human value and highly promotes respect among all the employees. We appreciate and hug all the different personalities, as each person is unique.
  • Development
    OHB Hellas wants its employees to develop inside the company both their working and personal skills.