The establishment of a subsidiary in Athens marks the first step of the group's vision to support the development of the space industry in Greece. The first target is to provide support to public & private institutions,  associations and agencies, such as the Hellenic Space Center, with the expertise and strategic advice from a system integrator's perspective.

The light company structure and the entrepreneurial mindset allows OHB Hellas to operate as a pilot entity for the OHB group in high and advanced technologies in the space industry. The company is focusing its effort to support mainly the group and build technological competencies in Greece in the area of Additive Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing and Software-Defined Satellite.

OHB Hellas generates an opportunity for the young motivated engineers to have a career in the space industry in Greece and to be, in parallel, part of one of the largest corporations in Europe's space sector. It intends to contribute to the return to the country of highly educated Greek scientists and engineers, who are currently working abroad.

With the OHB Hellas' vision, OHB Group continues its consistent organic development in Europe with a self-sustainable business in Greece. In order to accomplish its objectives, OHB Hellas intends to maximize the cooperation with the Greek space industry, universities and institutions as preferred partners.

OHB Hellas is looking for interested partners to develop the topic mentioned above for the following activities:

  • Development of Proofs of Concept(s) (POC)
  • Technological Gap analysis
  • Development of strategic road-maps for organisations to facilitate efficient scaling up