Additive Manufacturing

OHB Hellas intends to focus on the development of polymer-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) for aerospace applications. This idea is based on the ongoing progress that is made in the area of AM processes and materials. The goal is to demonstrate the benefits of modelling and optimization of AM design and process, taking advantage of its potential and contributing towards the AM technology maturation for aerospace applications. OHB Hellas has identified several Greek partners for this development and looks forward to the commercialization of this know-how for the country and for OHB SE.

Requirements Management

Requirements Management is essential for the successful completion of projects as requirements are the single thread that goes through a project from conception through build, test and flight. Requirements are envisioned for each system to meet its needs, then refined, expanded and flown down to lower levels through an iterative process. Requirements Management ensures the accurate determination of all these requirements (from higher to lower level), their documentation and traceability, as well as close monitoring of changes over a project’s life cycle. Furthermore, it certifies through the process of requirements verification that the final product is in line with the original customer needs and expectations.

The Requirements Management is performed using Rational DOORS v9.6 (Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System), which is a requirement management tool, with an open architecture that supports third-party plugins.

Documentation Management & Control

Documentation Management & Control is dedicated to the coordination and monitoring of documents’ flow (storage, retrieval, distribution) in a controlled and efficient way, which ensures accessibility to authorized personnel whenever required. This activity is vital, especially for projects where multiple companies are involved, as it enables information contained in documents to be available on-time. Documentation management provides capabilities and regulations for establishing and handling of all project documentation to assure an authorized preparation, update, storage and delivery based on CM (Configuration Management) controlled procedures independent on the medium on which the information is recorded.

The Documentation Management and Control activities are performed through ECLIPSE (ECSS Compliant Toolset for Information and Projects Support of Enterprises in Space), a suite of software applications, intended for use by aerospace projects and mission teams in managing their CM/QA/PA/PM activities.

Consultancy services for Public and Private Entities active in the Space sector

OHB Hellas focuses on the space domain and offers comprehensive system consultancy, engineering and integration services as well as related R&D to national and international customers.