Why work with OHB Hellas

Being the first dedicated Space Systems company in Greece, while also belonging to the official OHB Group in Germany, OHB Hellas is the right environment for one to skyrocket their career! OHB Hellas is looking for visionary, ambitious and talented people, like you, to collaborate with.

A core value of the company is “talent pulling”. Engineers, people with expertise, undergraduate students, and generally anyone who wants to join the group is more than welcome to do so, despite the years of its experience and the age. We insist on human capital, as we highly believe that an employee is an investment and not a cost, is the most valuable aspect for a company and a source of competitive advantage against the others.

OHB Hellas is offering you the chance to work in a leading company in the space industry, in an excellent working environment, with insightful people as colleagues and advisors.