OHB-Hellas participating in the 88th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF)

We are excited to announce that OHB-Hellas, representing OHB SE family in Southeast Europe, will be participating in the upcoming 88th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) from September 7-15, 2024. This year’s event, themed “made in Germany,” promises to be a celebration of cutting-edge technology and sustainable development, with Germany as the honored country. 

OHB SE, domiciled in Bremen, stands as one of Europe’s largest aerospace companies, renowned for its pioneering contributions across three core business segments: SPACE SYSTEMS, AEROSPACE, and DIGITAL. With a workforce exceeding 3,000 individuals spread across 15 global locations, OHB SE continues to lead the charge in space exploration and technology. 

The 88th TIF presents a unique opportunity for OHB-Hellas to showcase its commitment to innovation and collaboration in the aerospace sector. With a dynamic presence anticipated at this prestigious event, OHB-Hellas aims to strengthen Greek-German relations while engaging with diverse stakeholders across various sectors. 

Join OHB-Hellas at the 88th TIF as we delve into the future of technology, innovation, and sustainable development. Discover how we create space, shaping the frontiers of tomorrow.