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Advanced Broadband Satcom Solutions for Rotary Wing Aircraft

The Objective

The proposed initiative aims to explore the feasibility of implementing effective broadband satellite communication services for rotary winged aircraft, including helicopters, commercial Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) platforms. Despite a steady increase in helicopter orders and the rapid growth of rotary wing UAVs worldwide, the utilization of satellite connectivity in these aircraft, beyond military applications, is limited. The project seeks to identify needs, requirements, and potential solutions, with a focus on high-bandwidth solutions. It also assesses the readiness of participating-state industries to capitalize on these opportunities and create new markets. The outcome will include a technology development roadmap, cost estimates, and a potential proof-of-concept demonstrator design if investigations yield promising results, all with the goal of enhancing satellite communication capabilities for rotary winged aircraft.

OHB Contributions

OHB Hellas supports the activity regarding the space segment aspects and is responsible for the definition of the Across-Air system.

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