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Tracking Radar for LEO Space Debris Tracking in Greece 


The objective of this ESA project is the design, development, and deployment of a tracking radar for LEO space debris in Greece, called HSTR (Hellas Space debris Tracking Radar). As European assets capable of detecting Low Earth Orbit objects are currently limited, Greece aims to expand its space object tracking infrastructure, in view of achieving a meaningful contribution to the European Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) capabilities. A monopulse, circularly polarized radar will be therefore designed and deployed, supporting activities like orbit refinement, re-entry prediction and collision avoidance to improve the quality of the services presently provided by the EU-SST consortium.   

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OHB Contributions

OHB Hellas’s role is focused on the operating frequency preliminary analysis and support to the final operating frequency allocation as well as on the radar site selection. OHB Hellas will also contribute to the support of the civil works and the shipment, integration, and deployment of the HSTR. 

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